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MJ’s Portfolio

MJ McMillen's Portfolio

This is a sample of the projects I've done for classwork as well as for fun.


Glacial Retreat

Glacial Retreat is a Climate-change themed educational Board Game I designed for the class Intersection of Art, Biology, and Technology

Electronics , Programming

Star Finder

A starfinder for our robot looked at our star ceiling and knew exactly where it was to drive about the room.

Artwork , User Centered Design

My Market

An app created to bring together farmers market vendors with their customers


Junkyard Blues

Junkyard Blues is a piece of Digital Art I created over a long weekend. It shows a bar built by robots for robots nestled in a messy Junkyard.

Artwork , CAD , Machining

Daedalus Wings

Daedalus, the ancient Greek maker who flew with his son Icarus from imprisonment to freedom inspired these wings.

Artwork , CAD , Machining

Lighthouse Cat-astrophe

A fully CAD designed and manufactured lighthouse showcases design skill with whimsy



Hoppers are an introduction to design and finding inspiration from nature.

CAD , Electronics , Programming


An autonomous swimming turtle robot whose goal is to avoid the sides of the pool

CAD , Machining

There’s Always A Bigger Fish

A mechanical sculpture depicting the phrase "There's Always A Bigger Fish"

Artwork , Programming

Way of the Card

A card game in python for software design class

Electronics , Programming

Pi Christmas

Created a fun LED light display for my grandparents' Christmas village

Electronics , Machining , Programming

Hyper Hedgehogs

Cuddly hedgehogs as a fun, engaging remote control vehicle for small children.