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Efficiently Hopping

These hopping bio-inspired insects were created for Design Nature. The purpose of this project was to explore prototyping and sketchmodeling. Each person received a bin full of materials and a set of constraints.

My first prototype consisted of two bent pieces of spring wire wrapped in thin wire and ziptied together. This was very effective
at hopping but failed to meet the 60g weight minimum. Even though there were strict limits on materials, there was no limit on
the amount of solder. Capitalizing on this, I wrapped solder around my hopper until it weighed 60 g

I had enough time left to improve upon the solder hopper before the project finished. My final product is a bent piece of spring wire wrapped in three layers of solder then covered in hardboard discs. I arranged the discs in a fun pattern.


Design Nature, Fall 2016


Prototyping, design


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    Inspired by nature, hoppers are a design process at Olin
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