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Kiiguyaruq Express – Disney Imaginations 2019


All Aboard The Kiiguyaryq Express!

The Kiiguyaruq express is a five day, 650 mile long train journey through the wintry Alaskan Wilderness.  Ben Ziemann, Eric Miller and I created this project as part of the 2018-19 Disney Imagineering Imaginations Competition. The Imaginations Competition is an annual design competition for college students run by Walt Disney Imagineering. Each year, a new prompt is released in August and participants are tasked to design a hypothetical Disney Experience centered around that prompt.  The 2018-19 prompt asked participants to design a unique immersive experience themed around an ancient or natural wonder of the world. Inspired by my family trip to Alaska, we chose the Northern Lights as the focus of our project.

I led the team and worked mainly on the story, graphic design, and art for the project. It was an incredible journey that led to us winning third at the 2019 Imaginations Competition Finals in Glendale Ca.