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Farmers Market App

Connecting farmers market buyers with sellers.  This app was a collaborative group project concentrating on user centered design techniques.  The app was geared at connecting people who want to buy from farmers markets with their favorite sellers. It also allowed the sellers to have better personal relationships with the buyers as they come back again and again.

The buyers can find their favorite products wherever the  sellers are that day as well as be recommended additional products they might like.  After interviews and ideation, several types of tools were used to define and refine the app.  Personas were built to craft the user stories and factor the ideas of how those key users would use the app as a buyer or seller.

Mood maps, impact charts of features, tension maps flowing causes and correlations together defined the goals of the features.  Interaction maps helped defined the user journeys inside the app.


UOCD, Spring 2018


Market Research, User Centered Design