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Star Finder

Follow the Stars

In Fall 2018, my suite-mates and I created a fiber-optic star ceiling in our dorm lounge.  I used this ceiling in my Computational Robotics Final Project: Starfinder.

For this project, my partner Lydia and I programmed a robot to navigate around the lounge by looking up at the star ceiling.  We used a Neato vacuum cleaner equipped with a raspberry pi and an upward facing camera to capture the ceiling. We used the OpenCV computer vision library to detect the locations of each of the stars and then used a custom made feature vector calculator that created a unique description of each star. This vector was composed of measurements like distance to the closest 5 stars, number of stars within a certain pixel radius and angle between the closest and 2nd closest stars. We then used RANSAC to line up the robot's view of the stars to a premade map.

The robot successfully navigated around the lounge! Throughout this project, I learned more about ROS, Computer Vision, and image stitching algorithms.

Course: Computational Robotics, Fall 2018

Skills: Programming, Pi, Python, ROS, OpenCV