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There’s Always A Bigger Fish

  • fishymechp
  • There's Always A Bigger Fish
    CAD, shopbots, and chains drive this story telling sculpture
  • mp-10
  • fishcad
  • fishgears
  • fullassembly

This sculpture was a group project for the class Mechanical Prototyping. A green dot in a clear plastic disc rotates in front of the moon. As it approaches the surface of the water, a fish emerges and appears to eat it. When the small fish approaches the edge of the sea, a larger fish jumps out and eats it. Then, a giant black head with sharp teeth and a sinister red eye devours the big fish. Its jaws close covering the moon. The large monster then ‘spits’ the dot out and the whole cycle repeats itself.

The fish jumping from the sea are embedded in acrylic discs. These discs are attached to sprockets and chain. A central shaft runs
through the center of the discs. A linkage on the end of that shaft moves the menacing pair of black jaws.


Mechanical Prototyping, Spring 2017


CAD, CNC Router, Artwork